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Web Design

Integreat Media believe that having both a stylish and an accessible website are not mutually exclusive! In fact, our whole motivation is behind integrating the two. So, what does stylish and accessible actually mean? Please read on..


Great looking site, with careful use of colour to create a fresh, clean looking site, to meet your corporate styling and other marketing materials.

Carefully selected images, colour and design creates a smart, professional and stylish website that delivers the right message about your business.


Accessibility is all about how people interact with the site. A well coded website with good use of design will be accessible by a larger audience. A site designed in this way will rank higher in search engine results, be usable in all web browsers and platforms and attract more viewers.

The Process

Integreat Media can take an idea or vision you already have for a website and turn it into an completed site, or provide the inspiration and design and create something from scratch, bespoke for you.